The men's costume consists of the Lederhosen ("leather pants"), which generally come down to just above the knee, Hosenträger (suspenders), special socks, a white shirt, tie, leather shoes and a Trachtenhut (hat). The leather shorts and shoes and shoes are important because it's the hands slapping against the leather that makes the distinctive sound associated with the Schuhplattler dances. The men wear a feather or a Gamsbart ("goat's beard") and special pins in their hats.

The women wear Dirndls for less formal occasions and Festtracht for special or formal performances. Festtracht consists of a skirt, blouse, apron, Mieder (bodice), shawl, and hat. The women wear a feather in their hat and flowers in their Mieder. They also wear special jewelry, white stockings, and Miesbach shoes.