The group, based in the San Francisco Bay Area, was formed in 1971 and is part of a larger organization, called a Gau, that comprises 75 similar clubs throughout the United States and Canada.

Having started with just a few dancers about 30 years ago, Almenrausch Schuplattler today has both dancing and supporting members and has performed at Oktoberfests, Maifests, weddings, international festivals, parades, and other events all over the Bay Area as well as in Los Angeles, Lake Tahoe, and Monterey. The group has also performed at many Gau get-togethers (Gaufeste) at different spots in the United States, and in the summer of 1989 it performed in Innsbruck and Rum, Austria, and Munich, Germany. It also participated in a Gaufest in the little German village from where there costume originated: Miesbach.